The fine art images of Will Furman bring together a lifetime of immersion in film, drama, theater, music and photography.   He has directed and photographed hundreds of film and television productions, and numerous live music shows. He is also a cabaret singer, musician and performer.  Thru his involvement in the arts he has developed a distinct eye that captures the drama, serenity and magic of nature and the world around him.


“To me, photographs are successful when they create an emotional connection for the viewer.   Each picture tells it’s own story, brought to life in the final print. Every image is an exciting journey of discovery and refinement,” says Furman.


All the chapters of my life; directing, producing, music, performance, film, television and theater, have now converged and inspire  my still photography"

Furman has a long background in the commercial art world that prepared him for becoming a fine art photographer. He received a B.A. and M.A. from San Francisco State University in Television and Motion Pictures.  His Master Thesis was "Stones of Eden," a documentary film he photographed in Afghanistan.  

He founded Furman Films in San Francisco and was commissioned to produce, direct and photograph more than 300 TV commercials for some of America’s largest advertising agencies. Before focusing on television programs, he produced, directed and photographed scores of major public relations, marketing and educational films for some of the most prestigious corporations, including Apple Computer, Levi Strauss, Boise Cascade, Black & Decker, Sun-Maid Raisins.  His award winning documentary Beyond Courage – Surviving Vietnam as a P.O.W. was the first program to take P.O.W.’s back into the Hanoi Hilton and other prison camps after the war. 

As a singer, Furman has sung the National Anthem at a dozen of major league baseball games. He also produced music for George Lucas' mega-hit film, American Graffiti

“All the chapters of my life; directing, producing, acting, singing, film, television and theater, have now converged in my still photography.  Each art discipline is about connecting with people and touching them emotionally in a lasting way.  Using all the skills I have acquired over the years, I strive to achieve that in each one of my images.” 


Latest Work

Howling at the Moon - 1462

Here Comes the Sun - 1506

Alabama Hills and Mt. Whitney at sunrise.

A Different Point of View - 1522

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest,  California

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