This is a single exposure technique capturing several different planes of reality at one time. When the lighting is just right, looking into a window, the glass can be  both translucent and reflective at the same time. Thus, in one image, we see both inside the building and the reflection of the outside world simultaneously.


Sometimes there are multiple planes of reflection due to other glass surfaces within the space photographed. In addition, if the camera is placed at a sharp angle to the glass, two reflections can be seen: one from the front surface of the glass, and a weaker second one from the rear surface. When the intensity and angle of the light are right, the glass acts like a mirror. “The FotoReflections technique makes straight photography come alive in a powerful and unique new way, showing us views we have never seen before. The images draw us in, inviting us to explore a fresh view of familiar scenes. “


The camera is pointed into a window, slightly off to the side. A piece of the window frame is usually visible, to assist with the viewer’s orientation. Everything is recorded with one press of the camera shutter. 

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